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Sylvanian Families Biscuits



Sylvanian Families PlaqueI never collected Sylvanian Families as a child, although I was vaguely aware of them.  They are actually very cute and I can definitely see their appeal!  When I received an email asking if I could make a batch for a birthday present, I said yes, naturally.  It is my default.  I must say, I am rather pleased with them after spending days (alright, a week… possibly two) trying to figure out how best to translate these cute families into biscuits.  My favourite is the baby squirrel (above), I think.  Or the baby rabbit crawling (below).  I like the baby ones.

Sylvanian Families Set 1I think if I did them again I could do them better.  I think that a lot but it is generally true – there are very few things that I haven’t improved with practice.  Not least that I couldn’t get them to fit on the 2 layers of my standard box and the larger boxes hadn’t arrived!  Also, one day I’ll post a comparison of my baby biscuits comparing the first set I ever did to the ones I do now, and I still think there is room for improvement!

Sylvanian Families Set 2Really though, I just hope that the person who ordered them, and the person who they were for, liked them.  I didn’t hear anything to the contrary and I go by the old maxim, no news is good news!  I find if there is a problem, people have no problem getting in contact but if things are fine then they just get on with it.  It can leave one a little paranoid though and I’ve not yet mastered the art of the follow up email without sounding needy or like I’m fishing for compliments (she types after having to check whether its the one with an ‘e’ or an ‘i’):

“Dear Customer,

I hope everything was ok with your order.  If you have any comments or feedback, positive only or negative, then please let me know.  tell me you liked them please please please

Many thanks,


I’ll just leave it with dignified silence.  No news is good news, right?!


2 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families Biscuits

  1. I think these are really amazing!

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