Icing Sugar Cloud

That "pfft" of icing sugar that covers every surface in your kitchen. It happens to the best of us…

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Lego Cookies

Lego Luke

These Lego cookies were great fun to do and, I think, rather effective.  There are lots of Lego cookies out there and Sugarbelle does two fantastic tutorial which helped me immensely: Lego block cookies and Lego man cookies.  Warning: once you go on Sugarbelle’s website, you may find that 2 hours have passed whilst you’ve been drawn into her sweet adventures.  Not that has ever happened to me.  Oh no.  I am far too productive.


But seriously, you should try making these yourself.  Even if they aren’t perfect, I’m sure they’ll be appreciated.  Or involve the Lego aficionado and make an afternoon of it.

Lego Set

Or even better, get in contact with me and I’ll make them for you!  Nudge nudge, wink wink.  Probably best you don’t pass them off as your own though, as you will undoubtedly get demands for more (“Can you just knock up a few dozen for the school fair? Oh great, thanks, bye!” “…”) and that could get expensive.  Shamelessly self-promoting?  Who said that?!  Get off my blog!  But yes, I am.  Naturally.